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Custom Made Solutions

Next to panel systems and louvre systems we’re offering high end custom made solutions such as solid aluminium or perforated panels. These products are fully designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the client. In one project we can offer a large variety of products so that you have a one stop shop solution, including shop- and detail drawings.

We have been involved in some high end projects with special solutions all over the globe. Please get in touch with to discuss your challenging project!



Laser cutted and welded panels in very special designs in aluminium and stainless steel are available as well. Thicknesses, shapes and materials are chosen in accordance with the wishes of the architect and client. The finish of the panels can be done in powder coated, painted, anodized or natural.

Please get in touch with us if you have a special design.



We offer a large variety of perforated panels systems in aluminium or stainless steel. The sheets can have a lot of different perforation patterns, different hole sizes in the panel or a visualisation perforation. For instance we can laser cut corporate logo’s, advertising messages or patterns into the panels, and any text or pattern is available. We don’t just offer a perforated sheet but we can develop a full fixing system so the panel is ready to install.

The alumiminium panels are available in powder coated, natural or anodized finish. The stainless steel sheets are available in brushed, beat blasted and colored as well.

Examples of Custom Made Solutions

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Other products

- PV (photo voltaic) glass façade panels
- PVT façade, PV glass facade panels with integrated heat exchange module
- Smart Energy Management
- Façade installation systems

AFS International is also supplying architectural louvre systems. These louvres are designed to give the building an asthetic feature. A few examples of available louvre systems are: Extruded Box louvres with fixing system, Sandtrap louvres, aerofoil, twisted, curved and Screens.

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- Ventilated panel systems
- Insulated panel systems
- Single skin panel systems

Are you looking for large acoustic interior panels which are extremely flat and lightweight?

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