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Why Zinc Panels with AFS International?

Looking for a custom design facade solution in zinc?

  • Extremely flat and large size zinc panels available due to our honeycomb core material.
  • Panel lengths up to 6000mm length possible.
  • Available in Grey, Black, Red, Green, Brown, Blue and Azengar.
  • Zinc is a natural product.
  • AFS International designs architectural facades available for any project or building.
  • AFS International has over 40 years of experience building custom made facade solutions.

Zinc panels

Sandwich panels are two skin that encase a honeycomb core. Even though there are several cores for our zinc sandwich panels most are built with the aluminium hexagonal pattern. The aluminium honeycomb core is lightweight but gives extreme stability and strength combined with the zinc panels. Besides the lightweight advantage our panels are extremely flat compared to other zinc panels.

Zinc panels are easy to install and this is where AFS International comes in to help. All our architectural zinc panels are lightweight and designed for several building purposes.

See our green zinc honeycomb panels installed as roof cladding on the Graduate School in St. Petersburg.

Zinc cladding advantages

The zinc cladding material is incredibly resistant to all weather conditions. Zinc doesn’t rust and is not affected by corrosion. This is why many customers choose zinc panels over regular steel panels. Regular steel is affected a lot by rust due to the weather conditions where zinc panels are resistant to all of these. This makes zinc cladding very durable, Zinc will last for several decades. Zinc is also completely recyclable making the material friendly for the environment and very effective to purchase. Zinc is also easy to shape into any design making it a very popular metal to use on the facade of any building. Zinc is often used in construction and in industrial areas but is also popular in housing estates and modern office buildings.

Zinc panels at AFS International

A big part of the AFS International product line includes zinc panels. Our Q-Basic and Q-Premium panels can all be supplied in several zinc colors. These panels all have their own unique application. Our sandwich panels are very adaptable and can fit nearly any project requirement. We offer choices in shape, where we can supply the panels flat, curved, etc. We also offer choices in length and width, we can create tailor-made sandwich panels to the requirements of any architect. Our sandwich panels can be supplied in all sorts of colors, shapes, and versions. Contact us below to find out how we can help you with your project!

Our Process

We are able to offer the maximum design freedom and flexibility to meet architectural expectations. Our team consists of engineers, designers and project managers, allowing us to create new designs from scratch, and provide the full working drawings AFS International is involved in every step of the development process and will assist wherever needed. Our video illustrates parts of our design and production process. This is the process of our sandwich panels, which is only a small part of our manufacturing capabilities.

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