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Why BIPV Facade Panels with AFS International?

  • Fully integrated with the building
  • Superb quality ensures excellent durability and long life expectancy of more than 50 yrs
  • Reduction of operational cost (improvement TCO)
  • Systems suit every building method regardless of the construction material (concrete, steel, wood)
  • Any color and shape of the flat façade panels is possible
  • Silent system (no noise at all)
  • Maintenance free
  • International track-record on façade systems

AFS Solar BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaïc) façade systems are suitable for every building in any position. A long design life and maintenance free design, ensures the lowest possible operational cost. The AFS Solar BIPV system will always return the investment within its technical life.

AFS Solar is supplier of the entire façade system including construction interfaces with the superstructure and adjustment to the building installations for climate. Cable trays, string plans, positioning of inverters and advice on optimizers are part of the system if required. In case the façade system is setup with the additional thermal function, AFS Solar has a lot more to offer!

A properly integrated (physical and functional) BIPV system has many advantages. Apart from electrical power, the façade also generates heat and is capable of discharging excess heat for cooling purposes. The thermal properties of the AFS façade system can lead to significant reduction of power consumption of the air conditioning system through passive cooling. As a result a smaller capacity installation is sufficient. Leading to lower investment cost and a cheaper connection to the mains.

A good integrated energy generating façade system according to the AFS Solar guidelines, ensures the best possible result regarding return of investment.

Our Process

We are able to offer the maximum design freedom and flexibility to meet architectural expectations. Our team consists of engineers, designers and project managers, allowing us to create new designs from scratch, and provide the full working drawings AFS International is involved in every step of the development process and will assist wherever needed. Our video illustrates parts of our design and production process. This is the process of our sandwich panels, which is only a small part of our manufacturing capabilities.

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