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AFS International B.V. is based in The Netherlands and specializes in manufacturing high-end metal architectural panel systems. Architectural panels are manufactured with the latest manufacturing technology. AFS International is a project related company, offering service from the start of the project (design phase) all the way to the manufacturing phase of the project. AFS International B.V. always manages projects within the specific program and budget that the client specifies. We have great flexibility in the manufacturing of our architectural façade systems.


AFS International delivers state of the art architectural façade solutions. We strongly believe in adding a unique touch to a product. That’s why our façade solutions are not ordinary cladding panels but state of the art architectural façade systems. With more than 40 years of Facade experience AFS International has attracted customers worldwide. You will find our façade systems all over the globe. And many have been integrated with prestigious architectural projects.


AFS International is flexible, reliable and customer-focused. AFS International offers a project service from the start of the design until the handover, within timeframe and budget. AFS International is fully dedicated to quality. In order to assure the highest efficiency levels for each specific project, an ‘in house’ team of façade and louvre engineers is at your service to develop the optimum technical solution within the economic parameters of the project. A smart move to mark your environment. We look forward to be of service.


AFS International supports architects and designers worldwide to develop and produce innovative, high-end cladding systems. From conceptual design ito actual implementation. AFS International cooperates with partners, we contribute our experience and work towards solutions that emphasize the unique character of a building. This may be a combination of stainless steel, aluminium, zinc, copper, titanium, sizes, shapes and gauges.

We are able to offer the maximum design freedom and flexibility to meet the architectural expectations. Our team consists of engineers, designers and project managers, allowing us to create new designs from scratch, and provide the full working drawings. In partnership with a world renowned test laboratory, these designs can be proven with strength, drop, adhesive and corrosion testing as standard. In this way we can offer a package that allows us to design, and if required, provide a full façade package manufactured in our state of the art factory, that can be delivered to allow quick and efficient installation

AFS International bringing design ideas to life

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