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Sandwich panels

We call them ‘sandwich panels’: two panels (also sometimes called skins) encase the core, as though this would be a sandwich with the bread slices around the filling. Most of our sandwich panels are built on an installation with a honeycomb core. An aluminium core with a functional hexagonal pattern. The sandwich panels are lightweight and give stability but this system is still able to carry other larger panels.

Advantages of the sandwich panel

Sandwich panels can be installed in a very simple way, this is where we come in. All our architectural facade systems are lightweight and our sandwich panels are no exception. Besides being lightweight, the sandwich panels contain thermal insulation on the inside which is very reliable. This tight isolation will make warmth stay inside or outside the building, maintaining the right temperature within the building itself.

Sandwich panels at AFS International

A large portion of our line of products consists of perfectly crafted sandwich panels. Q-Basic, Q-Ecoand Q-Premium are all systems based on the concept of sandwich panels, but each with their own characteristics and applications. Next, to these three systems, we have Q-Sandwich as an individual product. In this sandwich system, two panels on both sides form an impermeable, watertight insulating wall. The core of the sandwich panel is built with polyurethane, which is an option on many products that AFS International B.V. offers. Our Q-Sandwich panels are adaptable to the requirements of each individual project. We have different choices in shapes (flat, curved, etc.), length and width. The sandwich panels come in all sorts, versions, colors, and shapes. Contact us below to find out what our sandwich panels can do for your project.

Sandwich Panels with AFS International

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