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The project is located in Bangalore, India. The total size is 300 m2 and it’s installed by Space Infra. QAS India supported the installers in India. AFS International used the Q-Airwing to give the building an aesthetic value.

Special polystyrene sandwich panel developed for the Museum in the capital Leeuwarden in the province of Friesland, a 24 mm 4 sided folded panel.

The 2.12 Project is located in the KAFD district in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
AFS International and Quality Architectural Systems (QAS) are designing and supplying steelwork and special stainless steel brushed honeycomb panels the canopies of the project 2.12.

All panels are custom made in a large variety of shapes.

Deschacht, a Belgium-based building supplies company AFS Solar supplied an energy generating billboard. The company trademark is printed in full color on 15 panels, installed with our Q-hook system.

Project 5.05 is located in the KAFD parcel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
AFS International helps out Façade supplier Lindner, by offering a lighter weight stainless steel cladding panel.

Instead of a massive reinforced stainless steel panel, AFS International will supply a stainless steel honeycomb core panel including new fixing system.

Kentucky Fried Chicken asked AFS International to supply a façade that has the red color of KFC. The overall project was around 300 M2 and was installed by TH Bartels. The architects were NIO Architecten and the building is located in Roermond, The Netherlands.

Fairplant asked AFS International to give a environmental and green look to the building. Fairplant sells all kind of tree’s in Europe, that’s why they choose for a green Q-Linex system.

Our Client has chosen the Q-sunshade systems collection, the Q-airwing and the Q-SL65mm and the Q-SL125mm. Easy to install and within the budget.

The Q-airwing and the Q-SL65mm and Q-SL125mm are powder coated in the finish RAL 7040.

AFS-International B.V. has been given the order from the installer Bijlbouw B.V. due to the fact of our flexibility in production. AFS-International B.V. was the only one that could supply their insulated panels system various colors in green within the budget.

For a residential building we applied Pixasolar panels in combination of our Q-hook installation system. The panels are printed with a dark wood print. On request of the architect, the panels are relatively long and slim.

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