Rainscreen cladding

Using rainscreens is very popular with exterior wall cladding architects. At AFS, the systems that offer rainscreen cladding are: the Q-Premiumand the Q-Excellent system. The panels used in these systems are specially designed to include rainscreen technology. These rainscreens are built with a water resistant layer to keep rain and moist on the exterior of the building.

Rainscreen Cladding Technology Construction Benefits

Between the panel systems and the wall of the building there is usually a small cavity. On the back of the panel and inside this cavity there is a small inner layer providing thermal insulation. This layer in combination with the cavity between the two walls will also carry airflow in this space. Because of the cavity, the frame of the building will not come in contact with water or moist. The panels on the outside will catch most of the rain or water.

In normal weather (regular showers of rain) water that, however, still finds a way of going through the panel joints, will drain in the cavity or will be vaporised by the air flow. Water will likely only penetrate the panel joints under extreme weather conditions. In this case, the cavity on the back of the cladding screen will cause this little amount of water to evaporate. This means that even in an extreme storm, the actual frame of a building with rainscreen cladding will remain completely dry.

Besides protecting against rain the rainscreen cladding panels are very lightweight and therefore easy for installation. Rainscreen cladding is more than just practical, as it prevents exterior walls of becoming moist due to weather conditions. Over time this moist, rot or mould will not have a chance to form on the walls with installed rainscreen cladding. When walls are damaged with moist or mould this can have serious applications for the buildings long term health. An installation of rainscreen cladding can prevent and tremendously decrease the percentage of such apparitions.

Rainscreen Cladding with AFS International

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