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Panel systems

Panel systems are a relatively new, but popular application in modern architecture. Their versatility has made the systems very likable amongst architects, because of how much they can contribute to a building’s modern ‘personality’. Panel systems serve different purposes and have great potential in several areas.

Panel Systems Applications

Panel systems can be installed to serve a variety of purposes. They have multiple functions, varying from aesthetic to decorative to utility. For example panel systems can be produced with rainscreen technology. Rainscreen technology will block rain/moist and keep water out of your building. A single panel system is an incredible contribution to any building. Not only are panel systems aesthetically appealing but panel systems also ensure solidity in the frame of a building. Depending on the features and characteristics of a particular building, a different panel system is required.

Panel Systems at AFS International

At AFS International we built several products with panel systems. We can deliver custom made panel system solutions for any architectural construction. Whether a building requires a panel system for the isolation, insulation, soundproofing, or to prevent the frame from moist and rain, we can help develop the right panel system. Examples of our panel systems are the Q-Basicsystem, the Q-Insulatedsystem or the Q-Linux system.

Panel Systems with AFS International

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