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Louvre Systems

For a long time, louvre cladding systems have been an important part of architecture. In the Dark Ages people already used louvre systems in the construction of their homes. Louvres, which are shutters or blinds with angled horizontal slats, are nowadays mainly placed for their decorative appeal. In the past louvre systems were often made out of wood, even today wood is still used to build some louvre systems. But most modern louvres are built using modern materials like aluminium, metal, glass, copper, stainless steel or titanium. Sometimes louvre systems are also used in the construction of front doors or on closets as decoration. Louvre systems can even be constructed into a ceiling. However, the main reasons for using louvre systems is still ventilation, sun shading, sun control or decorative purposes.

Louvre Systems at AFS International

We have several louvre systems to offer at Architectural Façade Solutions International. Louvre systems, in general, are subsumed under our line of Q-Glass louvre, systems that are specifically produced and developed from high-quality materials to ensure durability.
The Q-Glass louvre systems are suitable for almost any architectural project. Our Q-Airwing line contains louvre systems for buildings on a larger scale. These products can be installed either horizontally or vertically, depending on the wishes for the design and optical appeal. Our louvre systems optimize and facilitate the control of sunlight, with a simple system.
All of our systematic louvres are easy in use and easily operated. Architectural louvres can be installed as a fixed system, a manually operable system or a motorized system. At AFS International B.V. louvre systems are specially designed to keep rain and sun rays outside. In this way, we can make sure light and fresh air are let in. Our louvre systems also make sure sounds from outside the building stay outside.

Louvre Systems with AFS International

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