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Architectural Panels

All architectural panel systems at AFS International B.V. are designed and developed in the highest possible quality. AFS offers multiple facade solutions tailored to customer needs. Architectural panels are available in different types, shapes, and materials.

Architectural Panels Aluminium Structure

The most used architectural panels are aluminium honeycomb panels. Aluminium honeycomb panels consist of four open-joint systems stuck together. We also call these systems sandwich panels. An aluminium honeycomb core sits at the core of the two panels. This hexagonal pattern is similar to a beehive pattern and gives great solidity while it needs minimal resources to build. This aluminium structure of the panels is mainly used in the aircraft industry but also used in formula one cars, helicopters, and speakers. Lightweight and strong architectural honeycomb panels are a cheap yet sustainable solution in constructing buildings.

Aluminium Architectural Panel Products

AFS International B.V. offers several architectural panel products that are built with an aluminium honeycomb center. The Q-Basic, Q Premium, and Q-eco architectural facade systems all have an aluminium honeycomb center. Each system has its own features and specifications but they are all installed in the same way. The aluminium layer is put in between two other panels which make it look like a sandwich. The aluminium core and the outer panels are connected with two-component polyurethane glue. This makes sure the product keeps its sturdiness but remains elastic. The outer architectural panels are normally made of aluminium but can be made in other materials on request. The other materials we offer are stainless steel, copper, zinc, and titanium.

Architectural Panels with AFS International

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