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Architectural cladding

Residential houses, apartments, buildings in industrial zones, skyscrapers… Nowadays it becomes more and more common to adapt panels and architectural cladding into new constructions and designs. Even whilst renovating an already existing building, architectural wall cladding and panel systems are incorporated into the restoration. While architectural wall cladding can be used for any building or house, it is something that is often adapted in larger architectural projects as well.

Architectural Cladding in large-scale projects

A city’s entire skyline can change with the construction of a skyscraper or tall office building. When a building is literally going to stand out, the architect’s often prefer to make it minimalistic and modern. This is where architectural cladding comes in.
Panel systems and cladding systems are the preference to achieve a professional and clean design. Both architectural systems are ideal for getting this lay-out, as they form a consistent and even surface either horizontally or vertically. This quality creates new possibilities for the architectural playground; something architects are eager to experiment with. Various colors and versions are existent, with different materials, textures, and patterns to fit the architect’s requirements.

Architectural cladding is, besides its beneficial decorative appeal, very useful for larger constructions and buildings. The isolating characteristics of the architectural system make (office) buildings more soundproof. The insulation material used in the architectural cladding also helps to maintain the temperature inside the building. The cold or warmth outside of the exterior walls of the building will not be able to penetrate the cladding.

Stainless steel is the most commonly used metal for architectural cladding. Because of the polished finish steel can have, the aesthetic appeal of the material is very high. This is why the metal is often used when architectural cladding is incorporated into the design for decorative reasons.

Architectural Cladding with AFS International

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