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Aluminium louvre

Louvres have been an important part of architecture since the Dark Ages. People used louvre systems in the construction of their homes, mostly to protect themselves from the sun. Aluminium louvre are shutters that have horizontal slats that can be put into different angles to shade from the sun. In the present day we mainly place aluminium louvres for decorative purposes and architectural beauty. Louvres we’re often made, and sometimes are still made from wood. Modern louvre systems are built with metals like stainless steel, titanium, and aluminium. Occasionally louvres are also made of glass or copper. Louvre systems are also used in front doors, closets and ceilings. The use of louvres inside the home is often shading, ventilation or just decoration.

At AFS we develop aluminium louvre systems for the facade of any building. Aluminium louvres can be built to aid in sun control or temperature control for buildings. Many architects also choose louvres to decorate their design.

Aluminium Louvre Advantages

There are many advantages to using aluminium over other heavier metals. Especially when designing buildings it’s useful to take these advantages into consideration.

Light weight
Aluminium is a light metal that weights approximately a third of the weight of steel. (2,7g/cm3) When designing the facade of your building aluminium will be a serious cost saver due to its easy installation compared to heavier metals like steel.

Aluminium has a protective oxide coating that protects it from corrosion naturally. This is a great advantage to any building. Aluminium louvres are the perfect choice if you want to design a building that lasts for several decades.

Aluminium is a very flexible metal and is easy to melt. Being flexible the aluminium louvres can always be custom designed to any need of the architect.

Easily Recyclable
Aluminium louvres and aluminium itself are easy to recycle without losing any of its quality. Recycling aluminium only takes 5% of the energy that it takes to produce it.

Aluminium Louvres at AFS International

At AFS we created several aluminium louvre systems. These products are produced and developed from the best materials to ensure quality and durability. Our aluminium louvres are very flexible and our Q-Glass louvre system is almost suitable for any architectural project.

Our Q-Airwing line contains aluminium louvres that fit buildings on a larger scale. The louvres can be installed horizontally or vertically based on the needs of the architect. The aluminium louvre systems aid in the control of sunlight for buildings and are easy to operate. Aluminium louvres can be installed in a fixed system, motorized system or manual operable system. The aluminium louvre systems at AFS International are specially designed to keep rain, sun, and heat outside. They can also be used to keep sunlight outside but still, let fresh air come into the building. Another application for louvre systems is sound control. The louvre systems are good at keeping sound from entering the building.

Aluminium Louvres with AFS International

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