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Aluminium Honeycomb panels

All facade systems at AFS International are developed and fabricated as high-quality products. AFS International offers various facade solutions, fit to the customer’s needs. For example, our Q-ventilated line consists of four different open-joint systems. These systems are called ‘sandwich panels’: two architectural panels encase the ‘honeycomb core’. This core consists of an aluminium hexagonal pattern. The pattern of this layer is similar to the interior of a beehive and inspired by this. This is where the name honeycomb panel comes from. Bees discovered that the hexagonal shape offers solidity and yet needs very minimal resources to be built. This solidity comes from the shape of the hexagon. These shapes allow a perfect linear joining with one another. This is the technique applied in our aluminium honeycomb panels.

Honeycomb Panels Aluminium Structure

Due to the perfect aligning of the hexagonal pattern, the space between panels will be optimally utilized. This results in a very strong and proportionally divided interior of the panel.
The aluminium structure of the honeycomb panel is mainly developed and used for the aircraft industry. It is also applied in the construction of Formula One cars, helicopters, speakers and more. Notorious for being lightweight and yet very strong, a core of aluminium honeycomb panel is able to carry larger panels on both sides. The weight will be equally divided because of the hexagonal structure.

Aluminium Honeycomb Panel Products

The Q-basic, the Q-premium and the Q-eco systems each consist of an aluminium honeycomb center. Each system has its own specifications and features, though the aluminium honeycomb panels are installed in the same way. The honeycomb panel has its own remarkable quality: because the hexagonal pattern results in optimal use of space between the panels, the solidity is very high. This aluminium layer sits between two outer panels as though it is a ‘sandwich’. This honeycomb core is connected to the outer metal panels with two-component polyurethane glue. This particular product is used to secure the architectural panels. It keeps its sturdiness and yet remains elastic. The standard outer architectural panels are made of aluminium as well but can be made out of other metals (zinc, titanium, copper, brass or stainless steel) on request.

Aluminium Honeycomb Panels with AFS International

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